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Angela Naeth Coaching

May 19th Swim Technique and Tips 1-hour Group Session - Beginner to Advanced!

May 19th Swim Technique and Tips 1-hour Group Session - Beginner to Advanced!

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WHY SWIM FASTER? Whether you're a recreational swimmer, triathlete, or competitive racer, being able to swim faster freestyle can unlock new levels of enjoyment, fulfillment, and performance. Instead of fighting the water, you'll glide through it with grace and ease. And the best part? You don't need to work harder or log more pool hours to get there.

WHAT YOU'LL LEARN  1-hour group sessions lessons with pro triathlete and coach Angela Naeth, to improve your swim stroke and efficiency for all levels. Angela will guide you through:

  • The specific technique aspects to focus on for immediate speed gains
  • How to quiet your mind and stop overthinking your stroke
  • Optimal workouts and drills to make speed second nature
  • Increasing power without raising effort for faster, longer swims
  • Optimizing body positioning for enhanced propulsion


WHEN: 1-hour group lessons available on May 19th from 3-5pm. Limited spots!  

WHERE: YMCA CapeCod in Barnstable

WHO IS THIS FOR? This program is perfect for you if:

  • You can currently swim at least 800m freestyle
  • You're an adult swimmer wanting to go faster recreationally
  • You're a triathlete, master's or competitive swimmer chasing higher rankings

The 1-hour slots are divided into two levels:

Beginner to Intermediate (3-4pm) - For swimmers who can complete 800m+ freestyle but still consider themselves beginners or lower intermediates. In this slot, we'll focus on nailing down proper technique fundamentals before layering on speed work. All swimmers welcome. 

Intermediate to Advanced (4-5pm) For swimmers who have a solid technical base. We'll dive deeper into specific for your individual stroke, refining your stroke, and give you specific details on you can improve your swim speed in both the pool and open water. 

Don't keep fighting the water - unlock your fastest freestyle now. Spots will be limited. Non-refundable

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