Meet Our Team

  • Angela Naeth

    Angela Naeth has been an endurance coach since 2010, a professional athlete since 2009. With a Masters degree in Physical Therapy and Health Sciences, Angela has been helping others reach their goals in cycling, triathlon, gravel and running since for over 15 years. She has placed over 40+ times on the podium as a professional in 70.3 and Ironman events, under 9hours for Ironman multiple times, and top 8 at Ironman World Championships. She jumped into gravel in 2022 and has placed in the top 10 in many professional gravel races. She has been teaching swimming since she was 15 years of age.

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  • Amy Woods

    Amy Woods has been a USAT triathlon coach since 2020, and has been teaching cycling and strength classes since 2002. She is also a Gold Ironman All World Athlete, a USAT All-American, a Boston Marathon qualifier and 3x finisher, Ironman WC Kona Qualifier/Finisher, and part of the I Race Like A Girl/Girls Get Gritty teams and her local Cape Cod Triathlon team. She is also a certified US Masters Swim Coach. 

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  • Tanya Parmley

    Tanya has been an athlete for over 30 years, starting with teaching fitness classes at local gyms.  She embraced the endurance culture in 2012, while always emphasizing strength and mobility.  Since then, Tanya has completed several sprint and Olympic triathlons, 8 – 70.3 IRONMANs and 1 full IRONMAN.  Her love of triathlon was immediate and from there, she went on to get her USAT Level 1 Coaching certification, continuing to share her love of endurance sports with others.

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  • Lindsay Long

    Lindsay Long is a lifelong athlete and found her passion for multisport in 2013. She has competed in everything from sprint to full Ironman distances, is a USAT All-American, and has competed with Team USA at world championships. As a UESCA certified triathlon coach, she is ready to help athletes with their multisport goals.
    She is also being coached exclusively by Angela Naeth and under her wing for the last 3 years. 

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  • Holly Goodman

    Holly discovered her passion for endurance sports during college while seeking ways to maintain fitness and enhance performance as her role of captain of the equestrian team. Since her first 5K in 2009, she has competed in everything from crit races to Ironman and ultra marathons. Her years of experience has allowed her to gain invaluable insights into the intricacies of training, racing, and achieving peak performance in endurance running. Her knowledge and dedication has led to numerous ultramarathon podiums, multiple IronMan world championship qualifications, and USAT All-American status.

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