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Bike Fit and Analysis

Bike Fit and Analysis

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The Perfect Bike Fit From Anywhere

Finding the perfect positioning on your bike is key for maximum comfort, power, and avoiding injuries. But seeing an inperson bike fitter can be inconvenient and costly. This online fitting system is the smarter solution  it utilizes AI and video analysis to dial in your ideal fit from anywhere.

You'll capture video of yourself pedaling, send to us for us to analyze to provide a detailed report and recommendations for your current fit  .adjustments for things like saddle height and handlebar reach. From there, you make small tweaks, reanalyze by sending us your new video (up to 3 total), and refine until we've adapted to the perfect customized fit for you!

How it works: 7 easy steps!

1. Get Set Up

  • Have your bike on a trainer or use a stationary bike

  • Use a cell phone or tablet

  • Have a tripod or way to steady the camera while riding

2. Fill out individual rider form in email

  • Select your bike type (road, gravel, mountain, etc.)

  • Set your riding goals (performance, comfort, or blend)

  • Complete a mobility assessment

3. Record Your First Riding Video (we will give you easy instructions)

  • Film about 15 seconds of you pedaling normally

  • Send your video (email or mobile)

4. Receive Your Initial Analysis

5. Make Recommended Adjustments

Follow the prescribed changes for aspects like:  Saddle height, foreaft posotion, seat titl, handbar heights, reach and stem length. 

6. ReAnalyze with Another Video (Up to 3 Times Total)

Record and upload a new video after making adjustments, receive an updated analysis and make additional changes as needed.

7. Adapt to Your Ideal Fit Position

Ride repeatedly to get used to the new optimized positioning

Make any final adjustments for perfect comfort & performance

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