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Angela Naeth Coaching

1-1 Premium Coaching

1-1 Premium Coaching

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1-1 Multisport Coaching

This is our comprehensive coaching option, designed for the athlete who is performance oriented and wanting support, analysis and unlimited contact with their coach.

Our 1-1 Multisport Coaching is designed for the triathlete, runner, and/or cyclist. 


  • Personalization: Personalized training design tailored to your goals, lifestyle, and needs

  • Coaching Approach: Proactive coaching with regular check-ins, goal setting, and progress reviews

  • Adaptability: Continuous tracking and adjustments based on your feedback and progress

  • Analysis: Detailed TrainingPeaks analysis, comments, and data-driven feedback

  • Metrics: In-depth metrics analysis (heart rate, power, etc.) for performance optimization

  • Technique: Video analysis with technique feedback for swim, bike, and run

  • Race Planning: Comprehensive race planning, strategy, pre/post-race evaluation

  • Accessibility: Unlimited text/email access to coach for ongoing support

  • Resources: Access to coaching resources, knowledge base, and exclusive benefits

  • Methodology: Holistic methodology addressing physical, mental, and emotional well-being

  • Commitment: 6-month minimum commitment for long-term athlete development

  • Potential: Maximizing your full potential to achieve long-term goals/targets

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