250 Miles in May


GOAL:  Challenge yourself to ride 250 miles in May! Grab a chance to win some great giveaways, find support and have some fun!  Proceeds go directly into supporting the IRACELIKEAGIRL Podcast! 

We’re excited to bring this challenge to the public, to motivate and support everyone to hit some solid miles as we make our way into summer! 

  • Custom Bandana for training, free shipping ($20 value)
  • Entry into our GRAND PRIZE GIVEAWAY and 2 runners up prizes . 

NOTE: ALL participants who complete the challenge are eligible for prizes, no matter how many miles they ride.

GRAND PRIZE GIVEAWAY:   Choice of run form analysis/ online bike fit/ swim analysis by Angela Naeth; 2 months free to FuelMyMetrics Nutrition; and 1 year free subscription to Amy Woods Fitness online strength courses and programming.

2 RUNNER UP PRIZES: 1 month free to FuelMyMetrics and 3 month subscription to Amy Woods Fitness online strength courses and programming.

BONUS ENTRIES!  Every week, share some motivation to others by posting a picture of your workout that day for the challenge.  Chosen riders posts will be provided an extra entry for the giveaways!   
*Instagram post requirements: public post, tag @angelanaethcoaching @amywoodsfitness, and include the hashtags #250milesinMay in order for us to re-share.  

Here’s How it Works
1. Register here for only $35.
3. RIDE and GRIND indoors to as many miles as you can on your bike! GOAL 250 miles in May

 *Note: this is for ALL TYPES OF RIDING – indoor, outdoor, stationary etc.  and accumulative 4 week tally. By the end of May, your total mileage you provide will be accumulated.


1. How do I record my rides?  Ride it your way – everyday or 6 big rides for the month! We will send you an email with a form to provide us your accumulative miles EVERY SUNDAY, and provide you a link to our sheet of miles. 
2. What if I don’t have a bike computer that logs miles? Not a problem! You can manually add your rides!  *Let’s be honest   
3. What if I join late? Not a problem! Once registered, you can join us in the entire month of May

Notes:  Giveaways are limited to USA addresses only. If you live outside the USA, and have someone you can ship your giveaway to we will ship to that address. Please provide address in registration. 

All levels welcome.

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