Welcome 2nd Summer Cyclists!

We are excited to offer you a FREE 12 week training plan, tailored to your event distance and experience. 

📅 Training Start Date: The 12-week program is set to begin on June 23rd, 2024, ensuring you'll be well-prepared for the event on September 15th, 2024. 

🔁 Flexible Start:  You can start the program anytime that fits your schedule, and jump into the training program when it works for you.

📋 Training Plan: The plan is tailored to your specific event distance and fitness level, based on your responses to the questionnaire

📣 Next Steps: 

1. Complete the questionnaire below and fill out the form to receive your plan

2. Receive your customized 12-week training plan via email.

3. Start your training journey and enjoy the process!

Personal Information
Cycling Experience
 Ride and Training Commitment

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